Warnemunde Cruise Port, Berlin

Port Warnemunde-Rostock is the largest cruise homeport in Germany (serving roundtrip itineraries). It is located on the estuary of Warnow River (northeastern Germany). Warnemude cruise port is operated by Rostock Port Development Company. Warnemunde is a seaside resort in Rostock district (Mecklenburg state, Germany). Rostock has population around 200,000.
Berlin is 2 hours from Port Warnemunde by train. The closest large city is Schwerin. Among the largest Baltic Sea cruise ports, Warnemunde-Rostock is ranked 6th – following Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki.Warnemunde cruise port terminal is made of steel and glass. The two -storey building is sized over 3191 m2 (34,350 ft2). Terminal’s capacity per day is 2,500 passengers.
Berlin is a Spree River cruise port, citystate, Germany’s capital and Europe’s 2nd largest city by population (over 3,7 million, metro over 6 million) – after London (England).

Port Address

Warnemunde Cruise Center,
Am Passagierkai 3,
18119 Rostock-Warnemunde

Berlin Cruise Port
Am Weidendamm,
10117 Berlin, Germany

Map Location