Black Sea Cruises

The Black Sea is an inland sea in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. It is connected to the Mediterranean by the Strait of Bosphorus. A Black Sea cruise will take you to lands known best for their history, variety of terrains, unique cultures and long-standing traditions. Port calls in the Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania are featured and sailings are typically 7 to 14 nights in length.
Enjoy the sunny Crimean Coast, the colorful day-to-day activities of Istanbul, or the therapeutic resorts of Odessa. Itineraries often include visits to Greece and Italy as well.
The Black Sea cruise season is from mid-April to mid-October with most ships offering 7 to 14 nights voyage from Athens or Istanbul or Venice.
Cruises to Black Sea usually depart from Istanbul, Civitavecchia (Rome) Venice or Athens

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