Cruise Ships


Cruise ships sail to exotic destinations all over the world. Each port of call offers its own distinct of history, culture, scenic beauty, geography, adventure and activities. This is one of the unique benefits of a cruisevacation – you unpack once and the cruise ship will take you away from one exotic port of call to another. As a matter of facts, you sleep in one city and wake up in another. Click on a image below to learn more about the Cruise Destination. if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call us or send an email with your needs and we will contact you.


  Celestyal Crystal

  Tonnage         –            25,611
         Built         –            1980
       Guest         –            1,200
        Crew         –            570
      Speed         –            18

  Celestyal Olympia

  Tonnage         –            37,584
         Built         –            1982
       Guest         –            1,664
        Crew         –            525
      Speed         –            19