Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has 3 cruise ship terminals, which are named “Freeport Terminals” (Port of Malmo), “Langelinie Terminal” and “NordreToldbod Terminal”.
The largest Copenhagen passenger terminal is Freeport Cruise Terminal, located north of downtown, in an industrial harbour. It is used by most major cruise lines and offers cafes, food kiosks, restrooms, Wi-Fi Internet, waiting lounge.
The second cruise ship terminal is Langelinie. The pier is located 3 km (2 ml) from downtown, close to the Little Mermaid statue.
The NordreToldbod quay’s berth is numbered C177. Here dock mainly smaller ships and luxury mega yachts.

Port Address:
Containervej 9,
Copenhagen, DK-2150 Nordhavn,
Copenhagen, Denmark

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