Lisbon Cruise Port, Portugal

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city and also Europe’s westernmost capital. Gulf Stream strongly influences its climate. The cruise port is visited by all types of vessels from smallest to world’s largest.
Lisbon cruise port is part of Porto de Lisboa. This is an Atlantic port visited mainly on roundtrip cruises leaving from UK to Iberia (port cities in Spain and Portugal), Transatlantic repositioning cruises, European ships relocation (Mediterranean-Baltic), also on itineraries to Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeira, Canaries), Western Mediterranean and North Africa.
Port Lisbon has all 5 cruise ship docking areas – Santa Apolonia, Santa Apolonia Jusante, Alcantara, Rocha Conde d’Obidos (aka “da Rocha”) and the new quay Jardim do Tabaco.

Port Address:
Port of Lisbon (Porto de Lisboa)
94, Rua da Junqueira, Lisbon

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