Panama Canal Cruises

Panama Canal cruises combine this world-famous waterway with some great ports in the Caribbean and / or Mexican Riviera. This massive engineering marvel was built to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Construction on the canal began in 1904 which took 10 years to complete.
The Panama Canal holds both historical and international significance. It is nearly impossible to grasp its enormity and the amount of work that went into its construction without passing through the canal locks.
Partial transits usually sail round-trip from Florida. Ships that cruise the Panama Canal usually go through the first set of locks, then turn around in Gatun Lake and exit the canal the way they entered.
Full transits typically sail from coast to coast, beginning in Florida and ending in the West Coast – Los Angeles or San Diego or the reverse.
The Panama Canal cruises are generally 10-15 nights sailing between Florida and Los Angeles. Cruise Seasons is between September to April.

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